We will not give up the fight for the NHS

In last week’s letters, Jules Preston MBE chose to attack our local MP Mike Wood.

When Mike was elected to his position as our MP, I, and every other resident of Batley and Spen, over the age of eighteen, had a choice of candidates from the political parties to vote for, but try as I might, I just can’t seem to remember having a vote in the process of who was appointed to the position held by Jules Preston. And if Mike Wood who was ELECTED, upsets the people in Batley and Spen, he will lose his seat. If Jules Preston and his cohort, Stephen Eames, who were APPOINTED,upset the whole of Mid Yorks.there is nothing the public can do about it. And the same thing is happening at every hospital trust in the country. Non elected government puppets are being put into positions of power just to implement government policy. All the hospital trusts, along with the Clinical Commissioning Groups, again, made up of non elected members, are pushing the governments privatisation plans forward at every opportunity. More and more contracts are bring awarded to private health providers,

On the surface, both Jules Preston and Stephen Eames, and indeed David Kelly and Chris Dowes, their counterparts at the North Kirklees CCG are all very approachable people, who listen to comments and suggestions.

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The facts though, are very different, they listen , but don’t take a blind bit of notice of anything said to them. The whole consultation process regarding the future of DDH was an orchestrated sham, played out so as to be seen to comply with the rules, but still a sham.

Jules Preston asked the people of North Kirklees to support the downgrading of our local hospital. Why would anyone support a plan to take away facilities out of their own area, to a hospital, where difficulties are already being experienced in dealing with the number of patients they have now. What will happen when the restructuring is done I dread to think.

We must not give up the struggle, not only for DDH, but for the future of the whole NHS.

David Honeybell

New North Road