Too quick to blame RMT for rail strike - Letters

From: Councillor Jackie Ramsay, Dewsbury South
Rail strikes cause inconvenienceRail strikes cause inconvenience
Rail strikes cause inconvenience

Coun Jackie Ramsay writes: I believe Mr A Shipman (Letters, January 20) was too quick to blame the RMT union for the rail strike over the festive period.

It appears the strike was prompted by management failing to value their staff and compromising safety.

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I agree that strikes can cause inconvenience, but that is part of the acceptable price of living in a democratic society.

We know that unions are associated with improved productivity, lower staff turnover and a better trained workforce, and that they try hard to resolve disputes through negotiation.

In addition, the Government restrictions brought in in 2017 on trade unions are considered by many as ‘draconian’ enough already. They are one of the reasons for the huge and growing gap between richer and poorer members of society.

A reinvigorated trade union movement, with responsible collective bargaining, would help narrow that gap. Such levelling up would be welcome.

We can only hope the Government doesn’t make what is already a bad situation worse.

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