Stand up for our town

Recently local Labour politicians have voted in favour of development for Tesco in Mirfield and more recently David Brown’s. The former chair of the town council, Michael Hutchinson spoke in favour of David Brown’s, leading to the increase in traffic that will come and the loss of green fields. They have failed to listen to the views of the people when 67 per cent of Mirfield residents said they wanted no development at J25. One would feel that Labour is out of touch in Mirfield.

It feels so sad that Labour members and former councillors feel as though it is their duty to support anything that is detrimental to Mirfield, yet only eight months ago they couldn’t be bothered to field one candidate for election on Mirfield Town Council.

Let’s not also forget that Mr Hutchinson was the election agent for Karen Rowling (now the Labour candidate for Dewsbury West) whose website is still up and running from last years defeat ironically called Mirfield Matters!

Instead of thee slogan “Mirfield matters” why don’t you alter it to Mirfield in Tatters for your next Mirfield candidate


Mirfield Town Council (Northorpe ward)