Staffy breed demonised once again

I AM as usual annoyed that Staffordshire bull terriers are yet again demonised.

It is the owner’s fault, not the dog’s. Young idiots who own them think its funny seeing their dog attack another one. Even ours was attacked by an American pit bull and a Rottweiler at the same time. Can you imagine these two types of dogs hanging on my dog’s throat? Yes, mine is a Staffordshire bull terrier but all he wants to do is play – and if he had not been the big dog he is, no doubt the attack would have killed him.

I would now like to complain about small dogs and their owners who think it’s funny when their pets are off the lead and yapping at my dog’s feet...oh yes, mine is on a lead. He once got bitten quite badly on his paws by these small monsters and even then he didn’t retaliate. He is the better dog.

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He was also attacked by a border collie who tore his head open! Guess what, yes he was on his lead and the collie just jumped over its fence and attacked my dog for no reason. Who is responsible now?

I am sick to death of dog owners who really think they can do what they want with their ‘wolves’, yet I am expected to have my gentle giant tied to me all the time! I use wolves because that’s where our dogs come from. We forget that too easily.

No dog wants to kill, only humans do that. It is the idiots who think it’s funny when dogs fight. Sadly Staffordshire bull terriers are the most injured dogs through illegal dog fights – look online, the photos are a powerful reflection of our own failings.

Next time some fool with small dogs thinks they can let them attack my dog I will ask them if it’s okay to let mine off the lead. You need balance in your articles and that is sadly missing, perhaps I should have contacted you when my dog was attacked.


High Street


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