Shaw Cross memories

I READ with interest about the Shaw Cross Hall of Fame and the letters in the Reporter.

I agreed with David Smith, there are a number of people who made much more of a contribution.

I was persuaded to join the Shaw Cross team by Douglas Hird, who was a member of the same class at night school.

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Since I worked in an accountancy office I became treasurer of one of the first committees created for the club, quite some time before the Nissen hut which is regularly mentioned in the club’s history (the first club house).

This was our third season when we were able to use our own changing room.

We had spent a season changing in all sorts of places, including behind a towel at the edge of the field.

Stanley Waring drove his lorry onto the field carrying a second-hand nissen hut and although we boys provided some muscle, Stanley used his know-how to construct the building including the brickwork for the ends. He was not a coach, but provided many other services and also his sons Gordon and Malcolm, who both played for the club and for Dewsbury. The arrival of the hut retrieved the club from expulsion from the league for not providing visitors with changing accommodation.

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I would therefore suggest that Stanley Waring is a suitable candidate for the Hall of Fame!


Cliff Top Park



Editor’s note: This letter came to our offices before the letter from Chris Smith, Chairman of Shaw Cross Sharks (Reporter, December 9) in which he explained the choices for the Hall of Fame. However, I felt it would be a shame not to share with you Mr Almond’s wonderful memories.

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