Response to consultation for Batley, Cleckheaton and Heckmondwike town centre plans was an insult - Letters

From: John Ramsden, Cleckheaton
Cleckheaton town centreCleckheaton town centre
Cleckheaton town centre

John Ramsden writes: RE the article in last week’s edition (Public responses to Batley, Cleckheaton and Heckmondwike town centre plans branded ‘pathetic’).

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How insulting to the great volunteers especially, but also to all the people who took their time to complete the community engagement exercises.

So, just because we didn’t go along with what they wanted us to say, they stoop to such depths as to insult us all!

This shows total incompetence on their behalf as well as showing that they refuse to listen to anyone’s wants or needs.

They just want to dictate to us.

The volunteers in Cleckheaton have shown what people want.

We don’t want an expensive new road layout and road closures.

We don’t want our parks to be ignored.

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We don’t want closure of facilities. We don’t want money wasted.

This is a childish and churlish response by Kirklees officials that are upset because we have provided different answers to the things they wanted to impose on us, far from it, thus the insults and unprofessional response.

I am happy to be whatever they call me as long as I am against their incompetent plans.