Progress at last

We would like to thank Kirklees Highways for at last installing traffic calming measures along Frank Lane, Thornhill.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 16th April 2011, 8:39 am

That road had long been the preserve of the company car speeders, boy racers and occasional reckless bus driver, particularly since the resurfacing “improvement” about four years ago.

We had initially presented a 625-name petition to Kirklees in February 2008. The council duly carried out a speed check which revealed the average speed up and down to be 39mph! On that basis, we thought there would be a strong case for safety measures being seriously considered.

However, the then Cabinet member for highways, Coun David Hall, had said Frank Lane did not score enough points to warrant any change to the road structure. How sad that public safety should be so seriously compromised in favour of meaningless statistical targets!

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We then saw a change in political control within Kirklees Cabinet but didn’t know whether our problem had been put on a back-burner. It was eventually very heartening to learn that our efforts had not been in vain as a traffic calming scheme was to be introduced.

Whilst we acknowledge that reckless and dangerous drivers will never be totally eliminated, we are happy to report that excessive speeding has been satisfactorily addressed.

Hopefully, it will not be too long before we see a pedestrian crossing installed on Valley Road, opposite the entrance to Thornhill Rectory Park.

We cannot close without expressing our appreciation to councillors Masood Ahmed and Khizar Iqbal and former MP Shahid Malik for their support, hard work and encouragement.


St Michael’s Mount


As a resident of Nab Lane, Mirfield, where we have recently had the whole of our road resurfaced, I would like to say thank you to the crew of workers who worked diligently through three weekends to give us a lovely, smooth, pothole free road.

Members of the crew were extremely polite and helpful, letting us know when we could get in and out of our drive, and carried out the job speedily and efficiently. Thank you also to the people who planned it.


Nab Lane