NHS funding cut cannot be justified in Dewsbury

The Coalition Government has promised that spending on the NHS will be ring fenced. It comes as something of a surprise, therefore, to discover that as well as downgrading Dewsbury and District Hospital there are plans to reduce spending by the North Kirklees Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).

At a meeting of the CCG’s Governing Body this week (Wednesday 2 October) it was reported that NHS England is proposing to lop £25 million off the CCG’s annual budget.

In a disadvantaged area which has a rising population and where there are serious health issues to be addressed it is difficult to see how a £25 million cut can be justified. Is our £25 million going to the Exchequer to help pay for Trident or is it being re-directed to more prosperous locales as part of the Coalition Government’s home counties centric view of the world?

Peter Claydon

Beckett Road


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