LETTERS: Bank closures give no thought to older people

From: Brian Williams, Roberttown
Online banking is not for everyone (Getty Images)Online banking is not for everyone (Getty Images)
Online banking is not for everyone (Getty Images)

Brian Williams writes: I am concerned about my ability to access cash in my local community.

Both myself and my wife are now in our early 80s.

Since Covid, banking with HSBC has been cut with branch closures.

To get the cash we now use the ‘hole in the wall’.

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I’m having to do my banking online, which I’m not able to do without help from my son or grandson.

For many our age it will be a hard struggle if they have no access to the internet.

Now we are being asked to use an app on our mobiles - if we have a smart mobile.

My thinking is this leaves us open to fraud and spam, which we get most days now on our internet.

What I’m saying is, in my opinion, no thought is given for the older generations who are more used to using cash.

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