Letter: Putting on a fabulous show

MAIN RING: An estimated 8,000 people turned up for the Mirfield Show.MAIN RING: An estimated 8,000 people turned up for the Mirfield Show.
MAIN RING: An estimated 8,000 people turned up for the Mirfield Show.
I wish to thank everyone who came along to Mirfield Show 2014 making it one of the most varied and best shows ever. I wish to thank all the exhibitors in all the classes and competitions that maintain the roots of the show – and all the sponsors, advertisers, stall holders, local organisations, businesses, volunteers and committee members past and present who have helped make the show the success it is. I also would very much like to thank all the team at the Reporter Series for their continued support and excellent coverage before and after the show – both in print and online. As a not-for-profit event, any and all coverage is always very much appreciated.

Planning has already started for 2015 and hopefully it will be even bigger and better whilst maintain the community and child-friendly foundations that the original come-back committee of 1995 laid down – and what the team needs now are your ideas and feedback on how to make this happen. Each show is a year in the planning – often handwork, sometimes stressful – but when I see so many happy faces there on the day, I know that all the hard work that everyone has put in to make Mirfield Show happen, is worth it.

And on a personal note – after nine years I am stepping down from the show team.

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I have enjoyed everyone of the shows and it has been a pleasure to see it evolve so much in that time, yet keeping many of the core family elements that were introduced back by the re-founders back in 1995. I would like to congratulate the chairwoman Karen who has been instrumental in this – and the team that has grown from a handful to almost 40 volunteers. Not many people realise that it is a not-for-profit event that costs almost £35,000 to organise, and work on it takes all year – but without this dedicated team, one of the key events in the local calendar would disappear. It is a great team with a wide variety of ages and backgrounds and would encourage anyone to join as you personally get so much out of it. I am looking forward to experiencing the 2015 show as a visitor, which I am sure will continue to become even more spectacular.

Thank you.

Richard Hartley

Former Mirfield Show Committee Member

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