Letter: Mirfield 25 withdrawal is a real blow

Why is David Brown not to develop at Mirfield Moor/Mirfield 25? Surely it is more than the government’s incompetence in failing to stimulate economic growth and generate the confidence needed to support investment?

David Brown planned a manufacturing centre of excellence and a research facility into wind turbines. Perhaps the prejudice of many leading Tories against wind power also influenced its withdrawal.

Don’t expect David Brown to admit this, but don’t accept any bravely-worded press release at face value.

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Never mind that our area needs the jobs, security and stimulus its hi tech operation would have provided.

Never mind that a world-beating investment at Mirfield 25 would have benefitted UK exports. Never mind that humanity is in desperate need of measures to counter global warming. Many Tories don’t like windmills and some are even global warming deniers.

Consequently excellent projects like David Brown’s are undermined.

The only crumb of comfort from the company’s withdrawal is that a fresh planning application might make it possible to re-instate the wider buffer zone which I had written into the development plan and the Mirfield Tories failed to defend.

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However, that would be small compensation for the loss of this major investment.

Michael Hutchinson

Gregory Springs Lane


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