Letter: I agree with MP’s call for CCG head to quit

It appears that the chair of North Kirklees CCG, Dr David Kelly, cares little for the NHS as an institution.

Your article (MP calls on CCG boss to quit leadership role, 2 May 2013) appears to show he is fully comfortable with the privatisation of the NHS. He is content that the NHS brand will continue; why wouldn’t it? The private sector knows the value of brands, and private health firms will be delighted that they can exploit the NHS “brand” and “market”.

It is also interesting to read Dr Kelly’s claim that he said, “when NHS services cease to be free to patients, I will resign.” Whilst he says this is a long way off, he doesn’t say “if” he says “when”.

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I think he reveals much of the intended consequences of the Health Bill; transformation to a market system of healthcare, with free basic services perhaps surviving only in the short term.

Whilst I didn’t attend the 38 Degrees meeting, nor was a witness to his interactions with Mike Wood MP, I wholeheartedly support the call for him to quit. Someone with a leadership role in the NHS should not support the destruction of its founding principles.

Geoff Halliday
Left Unity

Farfield Road



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