It’s an insult to us fellas!

I WAS rather offended by the article about the censorship of the Eric France ads in the Reporter Series.

Your article implies that every member of the male species takes such advertising to mean only one thing. How insulting!

While most males find the female form aesthetically pleasing, I am certain that none of us think that taking scrap to Mr France would result in sexual reimbursement.

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When I walk past La Senza or M&S, where life-size pictures show scantily-clad ladies in fancy underwear, does it mean upon entering the shop, I will get ravished by a female assistant wearing very little? When my wife looks at a similar advert of a male model in boxers, does she think the same? No, she just thinks it’s a bloke advertising pants.

We all come in different shapes and sizes but, in the advertising world, the models are airbrushed to within an inch of their lives and therefore not representative of the masses. It has been proven that this sort of advertising can have a serious effect on people as they strive, but fail, to look like the models. This is the sort of advertising that should be banned.

This whole episode has given Mr France even more publicity and I hope his business continues to do well. I recently took him some scrap copper when our new heating was installed and he gave me a very good price for it, and it was just that. Cash. Not sex, or a quick grope but regular money. Disappointed, I certainly was not.

By the way, has anyone seen the new M&S ads on the side of the 110 buses which appear to have replaced the Eric France ones? Yes, ladies in underwear lying with their legs apart on a bed. Er, hello Advertising Standards Authority!

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And when you’ve finished looking at the 110, why not pop down to Xscape where you will find a poster of a lady in her smalls advertising Junction 32. My, the ASA is going to be busy.


Swift Way