Development is still not suitable - 14 years om

I see Mr Keith Andrews is again campaigning to stop development on Balderstone Hall Fields.

He should be less modest about his past achievements. He and I made representations at the Unitary Development Plan (UDP) Public Inquiry some fourteen years ago.

We argued, with some success, that local roads were unsuitable to serve the development envisaged. It seems the UDP Inspector agreed because she ruled development could only take place if a new access road was built across the Gilder Hall Playing Field. This has not happened.

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Congratulations to the Gilder Hall Trust for retaining their field for sporting activities!

It is now being said that, following changes to planning law, permission could be given for housing at Balderstone Hall but I am not aware of any change to local roads that would make them suitable for extra traffic today.

When Bellway makes a planning application I will examine it so that I am fully informed about their proposals. In the absence of significant changes to what they showed us at their recent exhibition in Northorpe Hall, I expect to join Mr Andrews in making objections to their plans. I hope others will join us in doing so.

Michael Hutchinson

Gregory Springs Lane


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