Coalition government will be judged at the polls

The coalition government has been responsible again and, despite the evils of chemical warfare and oppression of the poor, the government has decided not to join in any NATO strikes on Syria and President Assad’s regime.

The ongoing debate as to the government’s budget and welfare reforms will come to the test, as and when David Cameron decides to go to the country, and people will be able to decide whether to continue with these reforms et al, or return to a new Labour irresponsible spending.

There have been unpleasant cuts, which none of us have liked, but whatever economic system we support, whether Keynesian, Marxist or Monetarist, the electorate will be able to make the decision to continue with the cuts or not.

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Whether Simon Reevell and the Conservatives get a second bite of the cherry, or not, their position and objectives have been clear.

There have also been concerns of too far right-wing elements in the Conservative-Lib/Dem coalition, even fascist elements, but their position has been clear and will be seen on the table within the election comes.

Coun John D Nottingham

Mirfield Town Council