Clearing up confusion

I would like to confirm some details relating to an article in last week’s paper, with regard to the Reports from the Courts section on page 14.

Shane Hussain, of Westtown, Dewsbury, aged 34, is not the same person as the one stated in last week’s paper, which was Shane Hussain, of Moorside Road, Dewsbury, aged 36, who was ordered to pay a £400 fine, £5.90 compensation, £15 victim surcharge and £100 costs for travelling on the railway without paying.

I, Shane Hussain, of Westtown, work in the community in Dewsbury in a professional capacity with the youth offending team. I work on Dewsbury Moor with young people coaching sports and am also part of the Dewsbury Moor Big Local Partnership committee. I am co-founder of Sports Education And Training 3 in Communities – Social Enterprise in Dewsbury.

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I would like to say thanks for people’s support and understanding over this confusion, which includes family, friends, and work and community organisations in and around Dewsbury.

Shane Michael Hussain



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