Blame for chaos lies with government

Only when Britain’s floods surged along the Thamses Valley, lapping at the playing fields of Eton College, did David Cameron announce that “money is no object” in dealing effectivelt with the floods.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 1st March 2014, 11:00 am

He also admitted that Britain is a rich country, which proves what some of us have argued all along, that this government’s programme of austerity is not an economic necessity but a political choice.

Local councils across Britain, such as Kirklees, have announced this year’s budgets which will see more job losses and cuts in services that many of us rely on.

The blame for this chaos lies squarely with the government and we should not allow them to divert our attention away from this fact by blaming benefit claimants and immigrants.

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Their latest obsesssion, from a government that wastes money on bankers bonuses and trident nuclear weapons, is to lobby for foreign aid to be directed towards flood victims in Britain, a paltry sum that accounts for barely one per cent of our expenditure. It also has strings attached and lumbers poorer countries with even more debt than they had in the first place.


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