And that’s all folks!

Michael Hutchinson’s letter took me back to my childhood visits to Saturday morning cinema, and Looney Tunes cartoons.

I’d probably place a tad more credence on his missives if they were not so blatantly partisan.

As of now, I am in love with neither major party. Both our major political entities – Lib Dems do not fall into that category – are imperfect, and frankly neither have a leader, in my opinion, of sufficient resolve to aggressively torpedo the major issues besetting the UK.

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As for Mr Hutchinson, firstly he suggests the Tories are resisting a financial transaction tax. Wrong. They are resisting a European financial transaction tax, and I am in total agreement with that stance. Why handicap yourself with an impediment when financial centres outside of the European community are not so fettered? Introduced on a worldwide basis and it’s a level playing field.

Secondly, the suggestion the Tories are failing to recognise Labour’s financial package which had led to economic growth. That package operated for a very limited period, and at a time when the fiscal situation in Europe had not imploded. And if George Osborne’s approach is so wrong perhaps Mr Hutchinson can explain why the interest rate on UK Government debt is second only to Germany?

Thirdly, you have to have been on another planet for the last 12 months if you truly believe the travails taking place in Europe are not impacting the UK.

The failure by European heads of state to take serious concerted action, but instead follow the Nero creed and fiddle whilst Rome burnt, is a palpable disgrace.


Hurst Lane