Opinion: MyMirfield’s Richard Hartley


Children are back at school, Mirfield Show has been and gone, the colder nights are moving in, and Christmas gifts are shuffling their way on to the supermarket shelves, which means only one thing – it must be September and Autumn will be fully upon us soon.

Autumn can be quite difficult for the high street as it doesn’t enjoy the footfall of sunny summer days, but the Christmas bustle is still a long way off – so it is more important than ever to eat, drink and shop locally to keep it thriving for the future.

Which takes me back to my first comment. Seeing all the photographs posted on Facebook by proud parents of children in their new uniforms ready for their first day at school, made me think about the future of Mirfield and its next generation.

Opportunities are more limited than ever before, and our school leavers have to find work further away.

Therefore, I urge more local traders and businesses to try to recruit locally, and to provide more opportunities for work experience for our young adults on their journey into the world of employment. From experience, they bring energy, fresh-thinking and resource, whilst gaining skills and local connections.

And graduates, times have changed, and with so many applicants for every job, I urge you not to sit around waiting for it to fall in your lap, but to get out and volunteer your time locally for a company, organisation or good cause.

Go and gain the experience that is critical in putting you one rung higher in the recruitment process.

After nine years I have just retired from Mirfield Show, and it has been a great learning experience – being able to offer my time and abilities and in return gaining a strong network of friends and businesses whilst learning new skills along the way.

Let’s build Mirfield together – by recruiting locally and volunteering locally – to gain experience, and to help build businesses, that in turn boost the local economy.