Spot the April Fools!

SWEET DREAMS Time4Sleep's Bad Dream Catcher mattress topper.
SWEET DREAMS Time4Sleep's Bad Dream Catcher mattress topper.

From tattoos for cars and glow-in-the-dark diamonds to invisible shoes and bacon deodorant, we’ve had some pretty strange press releases over the past few days.

We think it’s got something to do with today’s date – see if you can guess which products are real and which are April Fools!

Wynsor's Invisible Shoes range.

Wynsor's Invisible Shoes range.

* Jeweller 77 Diamonds says it has sourced a 2.5 carat stone which glows in the dark. The company says the “Green Star” diamond is currently being analysed by the University of Copenhagen to determine the source of the glow. Click here for pictures of the surreal stone.

* J&D’s Foods have released bacon scented deodorant for ‘people who sweat like a pig’.

* Language courses company Rosetta Stone has produced a set of regional dialect courses for people visiting the UK on holiday, including Geordie, Brummie, Scots and ‘Jafaican’ - a London multicultural dialect. Read more about them here.

* Wynsors World of Shoes has released a range of invisible shoes it says are made of the world’s most breathable material. See the website for pictures and to browse the latest styles in invisible footwear.

* Online garage network says the newest trend to hit the streets is cajazzling - tattoos, crystals and eyelashes for cars.

* Huddersfield bed company Time4Sleep has developed the Bad Dream Catcher mattress topper, which uses vibration technology to calm down people having a bad dream, gently rolls them back from the edge of the bed with inflatable buffers and offers speakers for an inbuilt alarm and music streaming.

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