New signs for M62

Motorists using the M62 are warned that there will be a 50mph speed limit between J26 (Chain Bar) and J27 (Gildersome) of the M62 for the remainder of the works during the summer.

The Highways Agency last night installed new overhead electronic signs between the juctions displaying speed limit and lane closure information, and the agency said it will be illuminated with a 50mph speed limit for the remainder of this summer’s work between J25 and J30.

But the Highways Agency added that the signs would make it easier to change speen limits to manage the volume of traffic at busy times.

Highways Agency project manager David Pilsworth said: “By activating the signs along this stretch now, we will be able to manage traffic flows and incidents more effectively while we complete the final stages of work on this section. Once this work is finished, we will then start to introduce hard shoulder running, initially on a trial basis, before it becomes fully operational later in the summer.