New charity founded in Batley to help people with depression

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Latest news...

An anti-depression charity has been set up in Batley thanks to a £4,800 council grant.

The Yorkshire Rose Talking Therapies group was launched by former members of the Batley Self-Help Depression Group, which folded last year.

Still based at the Batley Resource Centre, the organisation was formed following a £4,870 grant from the Community Partnerships.

The group offers a range of activities to help people cope with depression, including creative writing and tai chi classes.

Founder Lynne Jenkins, who was helped by the former group following the death of her mother, said: “We offer such a unique service. Depression and anxiety are common but not everyone can talk about how they feel.

“That is why writing and drawing classes can help people cope after things like bereavements.

“We also offer one-to-one and group sessions as we found people can benefit from being in a group. They can relate to others and realise it is not just them going through a difficult time.”

The service is open on Tuesdays, from 1pm-2.15pm, 2.30pm-3.30pm and 6.30pm-8pm.

Phone 07587697241 or visit Batley Resource Centre.