Network connects artists together

CREATIVE GROUP Artist Pam Lonsdale with work by local artists. (D19071041)
CREATIVE GROUP Artist Pam Lonsdale with work by local artists. (D19071041)

Talented artists are invited to join a new group to promote their artwork and get involved in creative events and exhibitions.

NK Creatives has been set up by artists Marina Poppa, from Mirfield, and Pam Lonsdale, from Dewsbury.

Its aim is to promote creative talent across North Kirklees.

The group will support creative people and organisations across the area and develop new creative initiatives including events, exhibitions and opportunities for artists to take part in creative activities.

Pam, who has a studio in Dewsbury, said: “We hope NK Creatives will be a catalyst to get arts people together and to talk up the local talent.

“There is quite a lot of arts activity around here, but it isn’t always very visible.

“If we are going to beat this recession, we think this it is important to collaborate and show what local creative people have to offer.”

Marina, who also has a studio in Dewsbury, said: “We’ve started by putting up a Facebook page and joining Twitter, because it’s an easy and free way to find out if anyone would be interested.

“But we want to be accessible, so we’ll be out in the real world too, encouraging people to join us.”

For more information about the group or to contact them, visit or search for @nkcreatives at