My good reason to kick habit

After reading last week’s article regarding smoking (Expert team helps smokers to kick it) I would like to let your readers know how I stopped smoking.

I started smoking when I was 16 – that was 48 years ago.

After going on holiday last summer to Tenerife where the cigs are cheap, I said to my wife when I had finished the cigs I brought home I would stop smoking. I did not have another cig until I went on holiday in January this year, where the cigs where cheap. Having come back I have not had another cig.

All I did was say to myself if I save the money I spend on cigs I could have two good holidays a year. I used to spend about £80 per week so when I crave for a cig I just think about the money I can save. I think this is what is called will power and if it works for me then anybody can do it.

I am, at the moment, writing a book about my life in the construction industry and hope with some help to publish it with the money saved from smoking. We will be able to get it on the book shelves with all the money, going to Help for Heroes.

I hope my comments are of use, even if it helps one person. And any help with the book would be gratefully received.

David Guck

Norman Road