‘Mr Sparkles’ back in court after failing to pay back £1m

A former car wash owner who made more than £1m by brokering drug deals has not paid back any of the money, a court was told this week.

Friday, 27th March 2015, 10:30 am
BEHIND BARS Azam Yaqoob, who still has to pay back £1m he is said to have made through brokering drug deals.

Mohammed Azam Yaqoob –known locally as Mr Sparkles – was jailed for nine years last September for his role in brokering a major £5m heroin deal.

He was also ordered to pay back £993,000 after prosecutors applied for a confiscation order to be made .

But Leeds Magistrates’ Court heard on Wednesday that Yaqoob had not yet paid back any of his ill-gotten gains.

The Crown Prosecution Service had warned in February that Yaqoob, of North Road, Ravensthorpe, could be given a further jail sentence if he did not pay up.

During the latest hearing, chairwoman of the bench Linda Horsfield decided that a 54-month sentence for failing to repay the sum would be activated, but would run concurrently. It means Yaqoob’s overall sentence will not increase.

The original confiscation order to pay back the £993,000 expired on January 18 and interest of the sum outstanding is continuing to accrue at eight per cent per year.