MP Sherriff challenges government on terrorism

MP Paula Sherriff challenged Chancellor George Osborne, who was standing in for Prime Minister David Cameron, in the commons this afternoon over the government’s stance on terrorism.
Paula SherriffPaula Sherriff
Paula Sherriff

Speaking in the wake of Talha Asmal’s suicide bombing in Iraq, Miss Sherriff (Lab, Dewsbury) today asked the speaker: “Will the Chancellor convene a meeting with me to discuss a review on counter terrorism policy?”

Accepting the offer from Miss Sherriff to meet with a member of his cabinet, Mr Osborne replied: “We want to work together to try and prevent other tragedies such as this one. It is going to be a a great generational task.”

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Speaking to BBC Radio Leeds about radicalisation this afternoon, Miss Sherriff added: “This is something that is clearly happening throughout the UK, and not just in Dewsbury. What we are doing at the moment is not enough.

“It is about exposing what actually happens when people get out to Syria. It is probably seen as an escape to them, but it is not the case.

“It is also about getting it home to them that Isis does not represent Islam.”

She later released a statement, which read: “I am pleased the Chancellor has granted a meeting with myself and Home Office Ministers. Innocent lives are being lost through acts of terror and current policy is obviously not working. We need an urgent review into this to stop the likes of ISIS and other evil terrorist organisations from radicalising young men and women before more lives are lost.”