MP responds to Conservative plan to split Kirklees Council

AN MP has welcomed his party’s plan to split Kirklees Council in two.

Dewsbury and Mirfield MP Simon Reevell said the proposal by the Conservatives would help ensure decision-makers heard the views of local people.

He said reform was necessary because Kirklees Council had ignored protesters who campaigned against its Local Development Framework (LDF) plan to build thousands of new homes, many on green belt land.

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Under the new Conservative proposals, Kirklees would be wiped off the map and a new council for north Kirklees would be formed and based in Dewsbury.

It would share many key services and senior staff with Calderdale Council and a new council for south Kirklees.

Mr Reevell said: “Kirklees has become too big, cumbersome and distant.

“Even though a public protest march has been planned for Huddersfield Town Centre on Saturday 3 March, at the moment [anti-LDF] action groups are being ignored.

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“The proposals to split the council will mean that in the future, local views will be heard.”

“Labour and Lib Dem councillors have to realise that there is significant opposition to the LDF in Kirklees and that there is huge support amongst people who would not usually vote Conservative for the council to be split.

“In the lead up to the elections in May, voters are taking notice of the pledge that Kirklees Conservatives have made to oppose any building on green belt land.”

Labour and Liberal Democrat councillors have criticised the proposal to split Kirklees as unworkable.