MP Reevell ups the stakes in debate challenge

Simon Reevell MP.
Simon Reevell MP.

Dewsbury and Mirfield MP Simon Reevell has upped the ante after his would-be replacement challenged him to a debate last week.

Labour’s parliamentary candidate Paula Sherriff asked Mr Reevell to join her in a public debate over the NHS, which she says is in crisis.

And this week Mr Reevell (Con) hit back, challenging Miss Sherriff to a series of four hustings throughout the constituency next April, along with candidates from the other parties.

In a letter, he said restricting the topic to just the NHS would not be sensible.

It read: “Telling someone who has taken the trouble to attend that they cannot ask a question about the economy when investment in the NHS is dependant upon the success of economic policy does not really make sense.”

Miss Sherriff yesterday said she would consider taking part in the debates closer to the election, but reiterated her call for a debate solely on the NHS issue.

“The health service is the number one issue people are worried about when I’m out on the doorstep,” she said.

“We are not trying to trap Mr Reevell.

“He can have the opportunity to say whatever he wants, then people can make their own minds up.”