Moving platform could work

The suggestions of Father Mayoss and M Hutchinson to move the Leeds/Wakefield platform at Mirfield station towards Leeds seem quite workable, and could solve the problem of accessibility.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 27th July 2013, 1:58 pm

From the bridge down to the railway maintenance yard, there seems to be sufficient width to put in a platform. If this were to be at the maintenance yard, then access would have to be via Lowlands Road, past the scrap yard, and Squire Radcliffes, maybe a bit off the beaten track, and probably needing road widening.

Perhaps the best answer would be to use the yard of the former Veolia factory, which fronts Station Road.

This yard is conveniently next to the railway line, and is large enough for a ramp and stairs up to a new platform, and could also provide more parking spaces. Handily, the property is currently vacant and up for sale.

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Then, couldn’t the existing Platform 1/2 area be simply abandoned? Platform 2 is no longer used, the current platform 3 can take all Huddersfield and Bradford bound trains.

But, all this will cost, Metro has more pressing calls on its funding, and government finance is unlikely in the short term.

Looking ahead, there are proposals to electrify the Leeds/Manchester line, so who knows?

It seems the Reporter has already anticipated this, as the picture of the station in last week’s paper shows a train passing through, which looks like a Eurostar, an electric train which uses overhead power cables, and which presently runs the High Speed services under the Channel Tunnel from London to Paris, certainly not through Mirfield!

Les Addy

Fernhurst Way