More ops at hospital

More patients will be able to have their surgical operations closer to home home as the Mid Yorkshire NHS Trust begins to carry out more planned surgical procedures at Dewsbury Hospital.
Dewsbury and district Hospital tour.Dewsbury and district Hospital tour.
Dewsbury and district Hospital tour.

As of this week, around 20 procedures a week, including general surgery, plastic surgery and urology, are being made available at Dewsbury Hospital for North Kirklees patients.

The move is part of plan for Dewsbury Hospital to become the Trust’s major centre for elective treatment, with a significant increase in patient numbers at the hospital expected over the next three years.

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Space will be made available on wards 14 and 15 for day care and short stay surgery. The plans also include an increase in operations at Pontefract Hospital.

Adrian Griffiths, associate director of operations for surgery at the Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust, said: “We are really proud of this development, which we believe will see services for all patients spend less time in hospital waiting for their operations cancelled because an emergency has arisen. This will also mean patients spend less time in hospital waiting for their operation - which will improve their experience and help them to recover more quickly.

“More people from North Kirklees will have the option of greater treatment at their nesrest hospital - and all patients have a greater choice of hospitals to have their operations.

“Initially, around 20 operations per week will be moved from Pinderfields and Pontefract to Dewsbury. However, in the future, we will be moving significantly more procedures into Dewsbury.”