Mirfield schoolboys put a new spin on fundraising for Huddersfield Town campaign

James and William Walker - spin art boys
James and William Walker - spin art boys
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TWO boys are putting a new spin on fundraising.

But they need more venues to put their efforts on show.

William and James Walker are busy creating ‘spin art’ paintings to raise money for Huddersfield Town’s campaign for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance, hoping to bring in £250 each.

They have had some success in selling their creations, but mum Sally Walker says it would be good if local cafes, pubs or even art galleries could get involved.

James, 12, and William, nine, got the idea from something similar their mum did when she was a child.

Using a large room fan as a basis, they make the paintings on canvas, out on the house drive.

Mrs Walker says so far the Mirfield boys have sold eight, at prices ranging from £1 to £26.

Some are for sale on eBay and four are on display at Mirfield’s West Yorkshire Print Workshop.

“This is the first thing that has inspired them to fund-raise in such a big way,” said Mrs Walker.

Any local venue interested in displaying the ‘spin art’ can contact Mrs Walker on 01924 499587.