Mirfield and Hopton weekly crime report

It was a busy time for criminals in Mirfield last week, with two cars taken by thieves stealing keys through letterboxes.
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The door mirror of a Hyundai was damaged in Huddersfield Road, Eastthorpe on March 14 at 7pm.

Later that evening, the door mirror of a Citoren Despatch was damaged in Wilson Avenue, Knowl at around 8.15pm.

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The tyre of a Citoren C5 was damaged in Old Bank Road, Greenside at 2am on March 15.

Number plates were stolen from a Vauxhall Astra on March 16 at 9am.

An “unknown implement was pushed through a letterbox in Crossley Hill on March 16. Burglars stole the car keys for a Ford C-Max and Dacia Sandero in Sunny Bank Avenue at around 11.30pm.

Electrical items were stolen from a Volkswagen 1,000 by unknown means in Huddersfield Road, Snake Hill, on March 17 at 12.20am.

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Suspects have been charged for stealing metal delivery cages from the Station Road Co-op on March 17 at 10.30pm.

The window of a Peugeot van was smashed before the thief stole power tools in Crossley Lane, Northorpe at about midnight on March 18.

An unknown implement was pushed through the letterbox of a house in Manor drive to steal the keys to a Volvo C30 on March 19 at 10.30pm.

A window was smashed with a stone in Norman Drive, Knowl on March 20 at about 12.55pm.

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