Meet Olympic Torch bearer Liam Brentley

WHEN Royal Marine Liam Brentley was shot in the head, doctors said he had a one-in-a-million chance to live.

This week marked the two year anniversary since the life-changing incident in Afghanistan, which Liam only survived because of his exceptional health and fitness.

But he has been left deaf, with a brain injury and with metal plates in his skull. He suffers short-term memory loss.

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He is still in the Marines, receiving rehabilitation in Plymouth.

Liam, a former rugby player for Doncaster and Sheffield, joined the Marines four years ago.

His proud dad Gary said: “He’s doing really well. He’s an inspiration to us all.

“Several members of the family nominated him as a torch bearer.”

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Although he’s from Bradford, it’s poignant that Liam, 26, has been selected to carry the torch through Batley, as he will almost be passing his Dad’s former home, just off Bradford Road.

“I was born in Staincliffe Hospital, and all my family was brought up in Batley,” Gary said.

“Liam’s over the moon, he can’t wait for Monday.”

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