Medical convoy for victims of Syria conflict

Volunteer Arshad Patel will join the convoy to Syria. (D533B315)
Volunteer Arshad Patel will join the convoy to Syria. (D533B315)
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Determined volunteers are appealing for medical supplies for a convoy to help desperate refugees in Syria.

People from Batley and Dewsbury are supporting the UK Arabic Society and the Al Fatiha charity’s fourth aid convoy to Syria, which will leave Britain on May 26.

Organiser Arshad Patel, of Aid Convoy 2 Syria, hopes to accompany the two ambulances setting off from Batley filled with donations of medical supplies, water, clothing and other much-needed items.

The ongoing Syrian conflict has resulted in more than a million refugees fleeing to neighbouring countries.

More than five million people have been forced to leave their homes by the violence.

Fighting began in January 2011 as part of the wider Arab Spring, which saw pro-democracy protesters rise up against rulers in countries including Egypt, Tunisia and Yemen.

Protesters in Syria are demanding an end to almost 50 years of Ba’ath Party rule, headed by President Bashar al-Assad.

The conflict has seen its citizens fleeing violent clashes between the Syrian Army and the protesters, which have resulted in up to 70,000 casualties, according to UN estimates.

Arshad said the charity mission had contacts in Syria who tell its teams which resources are most needed.

He said: “They’re asking us for medical supplies in Syria.

“They made contact with our people and asked for these vehicles and medical supplies that are hard to find in neighbouring countries.”

The sought-after supplies include Celox haemostatic granules, which form clots over wounds to prevent excessive blood loss and give the injured time to find treatment.

Individual first aid kits, which contain medical supplies for self-treatment, are needed in the region.

Charity workers are also asking for donations of formula milk for babies.

Volunteers will be travelling to the refugee camps and clinics in Syria.

They are appealing to businesses to sponsor the trip, in return for their logos being printed on convoy’s vehicles.

Ahead of the convoy’s departure, donations can be dropped off at Steak ‘n’ Shake in Warwick Road, Batley Carr.

Donations can also be given directly to the volunteers. Call Arshad on 0788 658 2531.