Mayor of Where? Mayor of Kirklees Coun Ken Smith plugs district on BBC Radio 1

Coun Ken Smith featured on BBC Radio 1.Coun Ken Smith featured on BBC Radio 1.
Coun Ken Smith featured on BBC Radio 1.
The new Mayor of Kirklees took to the national airwaves to promote our district – but the radio hosts had no idea where it was.

Coun Ken Smith featured on the ‘Mayor of Where’ slot on Greg James’ Radio 1 show last Wednesday – where the DJ, along with newsreader Chris Smith, have to guess which city or town their civic guest represents.

The Mayor gave a couple of clues, including it is the home of swimmer Anita Lonsbrough and former Speaker of the House of Commons Betty Boothroyd.

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He also said the district was famous for a beer engine, which “gets a very nice tight head on a beer”.

Greg James guessed ‘Wakefield’, ‘York’ and ‘Huddersfield’, before turning to the listeners for help.

One listener correctly identified he was representing Kirklees.

Coun Smith proudly plugged he was the mayor of many towns including Batley and Dewsbury.