Many don’t know their neighbours’ full names, according to latest survey

Seventy per cent of people could not recall their neighbours’ full names, and a staggering 36 per cent have never seen their neighbour in person.

That’s according to figures from Churchill Home Insurance, that highlights how we isolate ourselves from our closest neighbours.

The survey found that 17 per cent of people admitting they have not spoken to any of their neighbours in over a month, rising to three in 10 (29 per cent) of 18-34s.

Despite often living just a few meters away, over half (51 per cent) of those with neighbours admit they cannot recall their first names and 70 per cent are unaware of their full names. The findings highlighted a lack of familiarity for those living close to us, as 36 per cent said they would not even recognise their neighbours in person.

Almost three quarters (70 per cent) did not know what their next door neighbours did for a living, 61 per cent were unable to recall how long their neighbours had lived there and over half (53 per cent) had no knowledge of whether their neighbours rented or owned their homes.

A further 44 per cent were unable to recall whether their neighbours have children and 47 per cent said the same about pets.

Less than a third would call our neighbours friends, falling to 18 per cent for those aged 18-34.