Man who murdered drugs baron caged

Peter Brocklesby......Brocklesby drug story.
Peter Brocklesby......Brocklesby drug story.

A MAN has been jailed for at least 20 years for the murder of Ravensthorpe drugs baron Peter Brocklesby.

A jury took less than eight hours to find Richard Oldroyd, 20, unanimously guilty at Leeds Crown Court.

The court then heard Oldroyd had 55 previous convictions.

Jailing Oldroyd, of Great Pond Street, Ravensthorpe, Mr Justice Foskett QC said ‘knife crime was the scourge of modern society’.

He added: “You have deliberately gone out armed with a lethal knife.

“You may have had your reasons for doing so, which you accept were unconnected, with Peter Brocklesby.

“But it demonstrates that if you thought it was necessary you would’ve used it.

“You did so by plunging the knife into Peter Brcoklesby’s back. The knife went in almost to the hilt on both occasions.”

Peter Brcoklesby, 50, used to live in Ravensthorpe where he was referred to as an ‘orge’. He was known for reigning terror and peddling drugs there in the mid-1990s.

He had only recently been released from jail when he was stabbed, having served part of a 22 year jail term for offences including false imprisonment, conspiracy to rob and a string of violent acts.

These included wounding a suspected police informant with an axe and burning another man with a soldering iron.

The judge said: “Peter Brocklesby had a far worse record for violence than you did when he met his bloody end. But even he was entitled not to lose his life unlawfully.”

He added: “Others have to know that taking a knife onto the streets is simply not worth it.”

On May 7 Oldroyd and group of his friends went to party held by Thomas Preston in a flat in Brooklyn Drive, Cleckheaton. An argument broke out over a stolen mobile phone and a puppy.

Defence counsel Malcolm Swift QC said Oldroyd used the knife to stop Mr Brocklesby hitting another man with a large stick after the argument escalated to a fight in the street.

However, after stabbing him once in the back, Oldroyd plunged the knife in for a second time, causing Mr Brocklesby to fall onto the floor.

Oldroyd’s group left the scene and neighbours, including a nurse from Brooklyn Grange, attempted to rescusitate Mr Brocklesby. He died as a result of blood loss and a punctured lung.

The court was told Oldroyd had 55 previous convictions, many for violence, and had appeared before courts 25 times.