Man caught driving with a child in footwell

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A MAN was caught driving through Dewsbury with five children squeezed into the back of a VW Golf during a police operation today.

One child was sitting in the footwell behind the passenger seat when the 31-year-old was pulled over in the town centre.

He has now been reported to the courts.

More than 100 other drivers were stopped during the three hour child safety operation in Corporation Street.

Four drivers were given £60 fixed penalty tickets when children under three were found not wearing seatbelts.

Seven adults were also given tickets for not wearing their own seatbelts.

Insp Jenny Thompson said: “As the vast majority of the people stopped were obeying the law and considering the safety of their children, it was quite shocking and disturbing to see that some people are prepared to drive children around in their cars without fastening them in first.”