M62 signs go live

It’s a sign of the times – the first electronic signs have been switched on as part of work to upgrade the M62 to a managed motorway.

The overhead signs, which display the speed limit and lane closure information, went live just after 2pm on Friday.

The signs will be tested thoroughly so a speed limit of 50mph will remain in force on the stretch, between junctions 27 and 28.

They will display advisory speed limits at busy periods, and also display lane closure information where required.

Switching on the signs is a significant milestone in the work to upgrade to a managed motorway, which will run between junctions 25 (Brighouse) and 30 (Rothwell). The hard shoulder is not yet available for use as a traffic lane.

Approximately six miles of steel safety barrier on the hard shoulder has also been removed along this stretch and the narrow lanes removed.

When the scheme is completed later this year, the new section of managed motorway will use variable mandatory speed limits – denoted by a red circle and enforced by overhead safety cameras – and the hard shoulder will be available as an extra running lane in order to cut congestion and make journey times more reliable.

Highways Agency project manager David Pilsworth said: “This will be the first section of managed motorway to go live in the north. It is important that we carry out extensive testing on this technology before it becomes fully operational.

“Activating the electronic signs on this stretch will allow both road users and the operators at our regional control centre in Wakefield to become familiar with how the managed motorway works.”