Liz crosses the finishing line

She’s done it!

After nine days of hills, blisters and sunburn, Liz Robinson has completed her 760-mile bike-ride for Great Ormond Street Hospital in London this week.

Inspired by losing five stones through diet and excercise earlier this year, Liz took part in the British Gas Bikes Britain challenge, which saw her and other employees from around the country take part in a nine-day charity bike ride around Britain.

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Liz, a gas engineer of St Peg Lane, Cleckheaton, had just nine weeks of training to prepare for the mammoth ride, but managed to complete the course with flying colours.

After the gruelling journey, which took in areas as far-flung as Glasgow, Newcastle, Cardiff, London and even a stop in Mirfield, Liz spoke of her exhaustion – and elation.

“It has been very difficult,” she said, “I ended up with blisters on my blisters – and I’ve lost all sensation in my hands! The climbing was tough – I was quick on the flats, and going downhill was fun!”

The journey saw the group climb a combined total of 7,900 feet, which works out as the equivalent of Mt Kilimajaro!

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Liz added: “I feel what I’ve achieved is absolutely amazing – I am very determined, but even I was surprised by how many miles I put in.”

Despite only arriving home on Monday, Liz is already getting back in the saddle, and has plans for next year.

She said: “Because I’ve been riding so much, I feel like I can’t stop now. I’m carrying on riding this week – I plan on doing 60 miles on Tuesday.

“The company is after ideas for next year’s charity challenge, and I want us to ride to Amsterdam, but we’ll have to wait and see!”

Liz has already raised nearly £2,000 – to donate to her challenge visit