LETTERS: Why we need library to stay open

Cleckheaton Library. (D541B430)
Cleckheaton Library. (D541B430)

This is my input into why I feel strongly that we need to keep Cleckheaton Library open.

This venue is used by organisations that work with vulnerable people who are recovering and moving forward after their illness.

There are a lot of groups that cater for people’s needs and interests that use this library.

These groups help people’s social inclusion and mental health wellbeing.

They provide people with the skills for work and life. Sometimes it is to start someone’s rehabilitation.

There is no better building in the area for this. In Cleckheaton Library you can find a quiet place to talk privately. It is also unique due to its proximity to the community and schools.

A number of the groups cater for a more social side of life. These groups help to integrate people back into the community which gives them a safe place to go.

There is a real fear from people that these groups, social or work, will have to fold if this venue is lost.

I have been told about the fear of social isolation that this would cause.

In my experience social exclusion causes more mental health costs and thus a higher social care bill.

John Alan Ramsden

Carlton Way, Cleckheaton