LETTERS: ‘Excellent’ care given at Manorcroft

In response to your story by Joe Cooper regarding Manorcroft Care Home, I would like to give my own experience of the same.

My 87-year-old mother, who suffers from Alzheimers, has been a resident at Manorcroft for more than five years after being moved from two local homes with which myself and my family were not satisfied.

The hoist has always been used when necessary and my mother is always called by her first name. Room numbers are used for identification purposes of course when needed as there may be several residents with the same first name.

We have always found that the care given to our mother is excellent. 
She was ill and undernourished when she first arrived there and due to their care is now a picture of health. We have had very little cause to raise any issues with the management there, and despite them being between managers, there has been no decline in the smooth running of the home.

I myself visit most days at various times so I am sure I would see any lack of care.

It seems to me that a few isolated incidents have given a very unfair picture of this excellent care home and its staff.

Philip Cain

Staincliffe Crescent,