LETTERS: Disgusting to even think of closing library

Cleckheaton Library. (D541B430)
Cleckheaton Library. (D541B430)

In response to the ‘Final chance to save services’ article (Reporter Series, October 30/31).

I think that it is disgusting to even think about closing down such a historical building that is there to educate. 
It is important to me because I am 17 and seeking work.

I must use the internet to search through hundreds of jobs.

Without the computer facilities, I would be lost as I cannot afford the internet and travelling all the way to Dewsbury or Huddersfield would take up a lot of time and cost more money.

Even the careers and job centres have small inadequate boards, that mostly show old postings and apprenticeships, which are usually irrelevant to me. Therefore I must use the library’s internet. How could an unemployed 17-year-old afford internet and travel when the government won’t give me Job Seekers Allowance or Child Benefit? They have cut my money completely.

Emma Rose Archer

Signing off at Cleckheaton Library