LETTER: Our road has become a haven for speedsters

Birkdale Road in Dewsbury is a pitted, crumbling, patched-up travesty of a road and a roller-coaster ride from top to bottom.

But if Kirklees Council leave it alone for a few more decades, it might just become impassable for Dewsbury’s Lewis Hamilton wannabees, and all the other boy-racing fantasists who persist in using it as a race track.

I have personally witnessed Ferraris and Lamborghini’s, all the expensive German cars and dozens of messed-about-with, cheap and nasty Fiestas and Corsas being driven up the hill at more than motorway speeds!

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The noise can be so great that on more than one occasion I have dived to the ground, burying my face in the lawn, thinking that I was about to be hit by a low-flying tornado jet!

They obviously have no jobs and nothing useful to do with their time as this is happening on a daily basis.

There is some comfort to local residents in the knowledge that our rocky old road will be doing some damage to their suspension, and hitting them in their pockets, if not right now then maybe as the road disintegrates even further as the centuries wear on.

So Kirklees, please continue your policy of leaving this road to die a natural death and who knows? - the racing, with it’s inherent risk to human life, could be forced to stop.

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Alternatively, you could do the right thing and make the road good, putting in traffic-calming measures – perhaps even a camera - at the same time before someone dies.

In the meantime, maybe the police might come along with a speed camera, penalising a few of these stupid so-called drivers before they injure themselves or some of our residents.

R Handscombe, Dewsbury