LETTER: Car boot sale on Easter Day is disrespectful

Tesco Extra Batley.Tesco Extra Batley.
Tesco Extra Batley.
I am shocked and disgusted at Batley Tesco Extra's decision to hold a car boot sale on the most religious day of the year.

What on earth were these people thinking (or not thinking)?

It is absolutely outrageous that in a time of religious tension and growing intolerance that someone somewhere felt it was fine to disrespect Christianity.

During Ramadan the Batley store is covered in Eid celebration product placement.

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Nobody minds, because Batley is a melting pot of culture and religion nowadays.

Yet we would not dream of insulting the Muslims or any other non-Christian religion.

Tesco’s lack of respect for Christianity beggars belief.

How can they make such a huge fuss out of Eid, a religious celebration, but then insult Easter?

Even their signs are insulting as they read: Good Friday, Saturday, Easter Sunday, Easter Monday.

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It should have read: Good Friday, Holy Saturday, Easter Day, Bank Holiday Monday.

I could take a leaf out of Jesus’s book as in John 2:13-22, when he caught people selling goods and gambling in the Temple – he destroyed it.

I chose not to do that and sent them a strongly-worded email instead.

But I have the same feelings of anger, that on Easter Day someone, somewhere gave the OK for a car boot sale.

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There is no story about the Bank Holiday Monday in the Bible as it plays no part in it, yet for some reason they decided to include it in that story, why and rename the bank holiday - ‘Easter Monday’.

How is Tesco now so big it gets to rename public holidays?

Please, for the sake of peace, love and tolerance, can we get this event postponed to a more sensitive date?

Laura Bailey, via email