‘Leeds PICU staff do an amazing job’

GET KNITTING Baby Ida Haigh with some of the hats.
GET KNITTING Baby Ida Haigh with some of the hats.

A mum’s drive to collect knitted hats and blankets for poorly children has spread across the globe.

Kate Haigh, from Liversedge, began collecting items for Leeds Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) after her newborn daughter Ida was treated there for bronchiolitis, a respiratory infection, in December.

She set up a Facebook page which has caught the attention of people from all over the UK and as far as America.

She said: “The illness is very common but it normally affects babies over three months. Ida was only three days old when she started with it.

“When she was in Dewsbury hospital her lung collapsed and she stopped breathing for herself so she had to be transferred to Leeds. She managed to beat it in 30 hours.

“They do an amazing job. They save lives and I wanted to do something to help them.” Kate set up a Facebook event to co-ordinate the knitting collection and fundraising for a hospital grade breast pump.