Labour’s ‘living wage’ quest

Kirklees Labour group is making a bid to introduce the living wage for all Kirklees Council staff.

The group is submitting a resolution to the next full council meeting urging councillors to commit to the £7.45 as a minimum for council workers.

The Living Wage Foundation say people should be employed on a hourly pre-tax rate that is calculated according to the basic cost of living.

Last week government advisors the Low Pay Commission recommended a 3 per cent increase in the national minimum wage.

It means the minimum wage would rise from £6.31 to £6.50 per hour from October.

Coun David Sheard, Labour and council leader, said: “We have been talking about it for quite a while and we recognise that having a living wage will benefit our staff.

“There’s not a great number of staff who are paid less than £7.45, it’s jobs like school crossing patrols and school lunch assistants that are the lowest paid.

“This will be us stating the principle to look to help the lowest paid workers.”

The resolution also calls for Kirklees to bring forward proposals “where possible” that would ensure all Kirklees Council contractors pay a living wage to all their employees.

Councillors will consider the proposal at the next full council meeting on March 26.