Knock out encounter inspires local model to become a better person

KNOCK OUT: Model Omer Asghar.
KNOCK OUT: Model Omer Asghar.

A local fashion model was knocked out during a community boxing match organised as an EID treat for young Asian youths.

Omer Asghar volunteered to take part in a sponsored match organised by the Kirklees Faith Network initiative against young amateur boxer James Hinchcliffe.

The over confident model met his match and lost the encounter in the third round.

Three heavy right-hand punches from James left Omer hitting the canvas and the match was declared over.

James said: “My strategy was to get Omer tired by letting him hurl all his punches within the first few rounds.

“He fell for my trap by doing just that and ended up exhausting himself.

“None of Omer’s punches came anywhere near me. I saw a worried look on his face.”

Omer Asghar said: “I congratulate James on his victory.

“I lost by a straight knock out.

“I am going to accept this defeat, learn from it, and I will then move on.

“Setbacks can help you to become a better person.

“I shall still continue to mentor others, and my modelling career will still continue.”