Kitten dies after attack

WARNING: Nicolle Simpson with her kitten, Narla. (d12101106)
WARNING: Nicolle Simpson with her kitten, Narla. (d12101106)
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TWO kittens which went missing from home were brutally attacked before they were found.

Owner Nicolle Simpson was distraught when kittens Narla and Missy returned in a terrible state. The frightened animals were barely able to stand and were rushed to the vets.

Mrs Simpson was told the 28-week-old kittens had injuries consistent with an attack, most likely a forceful blow or kick.

She said: “The vets said for the same injuries to have happened to two of them, it’s got to have been somebody hurting them.

“It’s just disgusting that somebody can do that to something so small.

“I want to warn other pet owners that there’s somebody or some people out there hurting them and to be extra vigilant.”

Narla is now making a slow recovery, but Missy’s injuries were so severe that she had to be put to sleep.

The kittens had been with Mrs Simpson and her family since they were seven-weeks-old.

They were used to going out of the house, and returned at night. But around two weeks ago, they went missing for several days.

Mrs Simpson, of Crown Close, Chickenley, said: “Missy came back in the early hours but she wouldn’t come in.

“I finally got her in after half and hour and put some food down, but it wasn’t until the morning that I realised her stomach was swollen.

“I picked her up to see what was wrong and it was like a ball of fluid. She had ruptured the wall of her stomach.”

Later that day, Narla returned and was also taken to the vets.

She had a ruptured stomach and damage to her pelvis.

Mrs Simpson said she was too afraid to let Narla back out.

She said: “The vets said I have to keep Narla inside for a few weeks, but she won’t be going out again.”

The attack has been reported to the RSPCA.