Kirklees aiming to be one of the leading authorities in the UK as extra 35 tonnes of rubbish is recycled

35 tonnes of rubbish has been recycled each week in Kirklees- which is equivalent tosix full bin wagons.
35 tonnes of rubbish has been recycled each week in Kirklees- which is equivalent tosix full bin wagons.

One of the leaders at Kirklees Council says he wants the authority to become one of the leading boroughs in the country when it comes to recycling.

Cabinet Member for Environment and Culture, Councillor Rob Walker, said everyone has a part to play in achieving this and the Council will continue to work closely with residents to offer support and advice.

Coun Walker said: “We take recycling very seriously and our rates in Kirklees are simply not good enough at the moment.

"You will be aware of the recent work the council has been doing to advise residents on what can go in their green bin. This was done to reduce the amount of our recycling that gets rejected because it’s contaminated.

"This process has been incredibly useful. We have found that the majority of residents are willing to learn about recycling and want to put the right items in the right bins.

"We have also learned that some people would like clearer information on recycling and we are working on this.

"A small minority don’t want to recycle and make no effort to and that is why their bin was removed, to prevent contamination of recycling loads.

"In total less than one per cent of households had their green bin removed. We never intended to retain these bins but to educate and help those householders to recycle before returning them.

"It is important to remember that the majority of our residents recycle in the right way and it is only fair to those people that we support those who don’t.

"We are talking a very small proportion of people not doing this, less than one per cent, but we need everyone to help us recycle."

Following a recent campaign the Council is now recycling an additional 35 tonnes of rubbish each week - which is equivilant to six full bin wagons.

The Council said one of its main objectives is to improve recycling rates across the borough.

Anna Bell, SUEZ’s Regional Manager, said: “We have already noticed a considerable difference in the quality of material coming through the recycling facility.

"The less contamination there is in residents’ green bins, the better it is for our plant and workforce, and importantly, it means we can recycle much more. We are looking forward to continuing to work with Kirklees Council to improve the borough’s recycling rate.”